Encino Movers Offer Tips For Relocating With Pets!

Relocating to a new place can be the thrill of a lifetime. We all enjoy moving to a new place, meeting new people and making new friends. But transiting all our household items is really a burdening task and only few of us are capable of handling on themselves.

moving-cat-dogWe have tons of fragile items, heavy furniture, electronics and other equipment. But few think carefully about their pets during relocation. Your little companions need protection and Encino movers offer tips for relocation with pets. Do not hesitate to contact the movers before the date of the relocation.

First of all, tell the hired moving company that you have a pet and specify if you have a dog, cat, fish, parrot or anything else. Also, specify the race or the species of the animal, some species and races are more sensitive than others and may require special conditions.  Plan the move on a date with good humidity and temperature conditions for your pet. Check if you have all the equipment for the pet. Some of us like to buy toys and little houses for cats and dogs.

Certain animals, like guinea pigs, hamsters or other rodents, need to have their little house fixed in their cages and adequate water supplying system. Make sure that the system and houses are fixed before placing the cage in the cargo hold. Also, place food inside. This is very important if the trip lasts for several days. You do not want to let your little pet starving.

Analyze where is better to place your animal in the cargo hold. You cannot put the cage or house behind a pile of boxes containing heavy items. If the vehicle meets major road bumps, that pile of boxes can collapse over the cage/house and risk seriously hurting the pet. So, appropriate counseling is advised. Talk with companies that have done this job before.

Our moving company can surely help you relocate your pet safely. Check our website for more details. Visit our website!

by Ciprian Gurgu