5 Things to Do Before Hiring Los Angeles Movers

moving2 (1)Requesting exterior help is always a good solution when you have to move. Still, before hiring Los Angeles movers, you should do the following 5 things:

  • Create an accurate “to do” list. The success of relocation is based on the accuracy of the planning. You must add on the list the dates when specific activities will be done and by whom. You must include: sorting all items,  buying packing supplies, disposing of unwanted/unnecessary items, cleaning the room, packing the supplies, determining were all boxes will be placed, clearing the box transportation path and so on.
  • Inspect all rooms and sort items. These are only the first steps. You will need to know how many things you will transport and determine how many boxes will be needed. Also, you must set apart unwanted items that will be disposed. Get rid of chemicals you no longer use (cosmetic products, medicine, pesticides, insecticides, cleaners and so on). Old clothes and fabrics can be sold or donated for charity.
  • Buy moving supplies. You will have to check the inventory list and determine how many supplies you need for the move. Buy only high quality, durable materials. You will need: boxes, packing materials (packing peanuts, bubble wrap, shrinking wrap, polystyrene foam, sealing plastic bags), sealing tape, scissors and labels.
  • Carefully label all boxes. Labeling all boxes is crucial for the whole process. It will also help you settle in faster and easier in the new location.   Label all parts of complex systems (audio systems, home cinema systems and so on).
  • Pack a box with essential items. Here you must place items needed in the first 2 days after your arrival. It must contain: toiletries (shampoos, soaps, skincare creams), towels, plates, cutlery and other similar items. Also, you should keep all valuable items (money and jewelry) in a box and keep it near you during the move.

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