5 Tips for Packing and Moving a Bedroom in Los Angeles

Movers Los Angeles provides present you the following tips for packing and moving a bedroom in Los Angeles:

article-new_ds-photo_getty_article_69_171_200270148-001_XS1)      Sort the whole room before the move. You surely have old clothes, shoes or simply items that you do not want anymore. Place them in a separate box or boxes (if they are too many). They will not be packed, thus reducing the amount of needed packing materials and the physical effort.  We suggest you to donate or to sell those items.

2)      Purchase wardrobe boxes.  A wardrobe box contains the equivalent of two feet of closet space. It is ideal to place clothes you do not want to wrinkle during the transport. Place here items expensive clothes with fragile fabric.

3)      Jewelry and other valuable items must be placed in secure boxes.  Jewelry can be placed in jewelry boxes and after that in a secure box that will be kept nearby. Always monitor this secure box, since it contains extremely valuable items. It is recommended to have a small box that can be easily carried away.  You may also want to purchase insurance for them. Moving companies usually do not accept moving jewelry without the proper insurance.

4)      You may want to ask for extra muscles when moving furniture.  Furniture items are heavy and require lots of strength and skills in order to pack and move them properly.  Working with friends and relatives has the benefit of not paying them for the job. The downside is that they are amateurs and they can easily screw things up. A simple mistake when carrying heavy furniture downstairs can have tragic consequences. Do not risk the health of your family members and friends.

5)      Buy adequate protection for leather furniture. You will need high quality plastic covers for all upholsteries and leather furniture.

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