How to Find Free Moving Materials in Los Angeles?

moving_suppliesOrganizing a moving budget can be difficult.  You must calculate how much you will spend for: moving services, moving supplies, legalizing documents, food and drink needed while on the road and so on.  Los Angeles Moving Company will tell you how to find free moving materials in Los Angeles:

1)     Spend some time on the internet to find websites that offer free boxes. No matter how crazy it may sound, you can get free boxes online.  For example, Craigslist has a “free” section right under their “for sale” section. Use the search form to find out places and websites where you can get free boxes or other supplies.

2)     Bookstores. It is the perfect place to ask for containers or boxes for moving your books. If you cannot get them freely, you can at least try to strike a bargain and obtain them cheaper.

3)     Liquor stores. You should ask for boxes with lids or special boxes for bottles.  Typically these boxes are sturdy. You can use the boxes with lids to transport CDs, DVDs or books.  You can also visit the local grocery stores and ask for free boxes.

4)     Starbucks.  Starbucks receive 1-2 shipments per week and it is likely to have a surplus of boxes. Starbucks boxes range in size. You should ask them to keep the larger containers if they receive some of them. These boxes will help you move lighter, but bulky items.

5)      Ask local McDonald’s shops for fry boxes.  If they no longer need them you can get them freely.  These boxes are very strong and make excellent containers for hauling small size heavy items.  The original content is frozen and that means you do not have to worry about the boxes being smelly.

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