How To Pack An Essentials Box

Before moving or relocating, everyone should prepare an essentials box, a box full of items you’ll need for your last few nights before you move and/or the first few nights in your new home.  Find out how to pack an essentials box and if you need any help with your move, call the best movers Encino has to offer.

Also known as an open-first box or a first night box, the essentials box for moving is the most important moving box. It is basically a box (or several boxes) that contains the most crucial items you use on a daily basis, as well as all the important things you need in order to finish the last moving preparations on move-out day and to start unpacking and settling into your new home after the move.

he essentials box should be the last box you pack before you move out of your old home. But it’s a good idea, while you’re going through the cupboards, drawers and shelves, to identify what you’ll need for the first few hours and days in your new home. This box will be the first box you open and should include items that will enable you to provide small meals, clean your home, deal with small emergencies and possibly entertain your family while you unpack the rest of your home.

It’s a good idea to pack one large survival box for the whole family that contains some hygiene items (toilet paper, hand soap, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, paper towels, rags, trash bags, etc.), towels and other bathroom essentials, bed linens, plastic utensils and plates, snacks, drinks, medications, an emergency kit, some basic tools (scissors, all-purpose cutting knife, a can-opener and a bottle-opener, a flashlight, a portable tool kit, etc.), pet items (if applicable), games and other necessities that will allow you to provide basic meals, ensure good hygiene, present some entertainment options, and deal with minor emergencies during the relocation trip and immediately after arrival in your new home.

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