How To Pack Your Things For A Long Distance College Move

Moving away for college is an exciting experience and it is a landmark in your life. College years are some of the happiest years of your youth, so prepare and make sure that you start on the right foot. Packing for college is difficult as you need to know what to choose. Moving services in Encino can be helpful with packing tips and advice, so make sure to call if you need help!

moving-to-college1.       Choose what you need

The first thing you have to do is decide which objects need to be packed. You will have to make a list or simply decide which of your clothes and other valuables are necessary. Think of the first month away from home: what will you need to live comfortably? You can donate the objects which you no longer need to charity or give them to someone.

After you make a pile of things you need, it is time to choose proper moving supplies.

2.       Plan ahead

When deciding what to take with you, you need to plan ahead and think of every situation. Make sure you are prepared for the first three months of your stay. Keep in mind that the weather will go cold, so be sure to pack warmer winter clothes. School texts that you think may be useful should also be packed as well as novels, in case you will not have any entertainment means.

3.       Ship stuff

You do not need to over pack or leave something behind. Shipping certain items is wiser than carrying them with you. A reason to ship an object is if the item is bulky, heavy or too large to carry comfortable. Or, maybe you do not need it for the first few months. In any case, remember that shipping is always an option, which you should take advantage of.

In conclusion, moving to college is a big step and the way you pack and what you take with you can have a big impact on your stay. Make sure you prepare for a good and comfortable college stay.

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by Bogdan Moisa