How to Properly Pack a Kitchen in Encino, Los Angeles!

If you are preparing for a move, packing kitchen items can be quite a challenge. You must take lots of time in advance and gather supplies for moving. There are many individual items in kitchen, with so many shapes and sizes and they all require boxes of different shapes and sizes.

pack a kitchenIt is best to look for strong boxes for heavier items and boxes with dividers for bottles. After all supplies and containers are gathered, make a list of things that you want to take and those you want to leave behind. Bee very selective and do not take with you all the cheap items that you can later buy form a shop near your future house. You can give them away to friends, donate or sell them. If you have broken electrical appliances you should bring them to a recycle center.

Pack all essential items in boxes: food items, appliances, dishes, cutlery, dishtowels, dishcloths, cleaners and all other items that you will need in the first days after arrival. Heavy duty boxes with double-walls are perfect for packing fragile objects:  wine bottles, glasses, stemware, plates and many more. Many of these delicate items must be individually wrapped in multilayered paper or bubble wrap. Pans, pots and other utensils must be packed with sheets of recycled paper in between them in order to avoid scratching each other. Try not to overload the boxes and consider how much can you lift. Kitchen table and other furniture items must be dismantled, if possible.

There are many other thinks to know, but it is always better to get professional help from movers Encino can provide. They know what types of boxes and containment unit you need and how many. They can also sort your items and place them in appropriate boxes. Also they can help with lifting heavier pieces of furniture and in the end they can offer a truck to transport the whole load.

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by Ciprian Gurgu