How to Purchase Affordable Moving Insurance?

Remember that no matter how careful you may be in handling boxes and items during a move, accidents can still happen. Even if you choose very competent movers to help you, the risk of producing accidents is never gone.

moving_Los AngelesIt is only diminished, but never zero. But you can control how effectively a moving company would resolve future claims in case that some items will be missing or damaged. So, before relocating, search for cheap Los Angeles movers and purchase affordable moving insurance.  Transform your relocation in a fast and effective experience.

In most states moving companies are prohibited to sell moving insurance. So, you will find this special type of insurance at specialized companies or at companies that also sell homeowner insurance. Moving companies provide a form of support after a valuation. But this valuation is based on the weight of the items, not their true values.

So, a big screen TV may value just a couple of dollars, accordingly to that valuation. Clearly, nobody is satisfied with that comparison. This is why purchasing moving insurance is important.  You will need an assessed value moving insurance that is based on the value of the items. You will need to declare the value on the bill of lading.  Additionally, you can purchase full protection for all your items against destruction or loss. . Typically, there is a minimum coverage and applicable deductibles.

Since moving companies do not provide this type of service you must talk with your own insurance agent and check if any existing homeowner/renter insurance policy provides coverage for your items in transit. If not, search for specialized insurance agencies that provide moving insurance.

Make sure to understand all the terms, conditions and associated fees. Ask about types of coverage, degree of protection conferred by each one and its respective cost.

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by Ciprian Gurgu


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