Things To Do Right After The Move

The post relocation period doesn’t have to be confusing at all. The checklist below will give you good suggestions of what things to do right after the move into a new house. Organize your time right and you won’t even have to deal with any stressful or confusing situations. If you need help with packing or unpacking, you should contact affordable residential movers Encino. Here’s the checklist.

  1. Inspect your delivered items. One of the most pressing tasks you should do without delay right after the move is to check your delivered goods against the detailed household inventory you received from your moving company or that you compiled during the moving preparations. Do a careful visual inspection of every single item and if you do happen to find noticeable signs of damage or mistreatment—not to mention missing items—contact your movers immediately and notify them of the problem.
  2. Have utilities re-connected. If you haven’t arranged for the essential utilities to be connected in your new home prior to the move, this is the time to do so. The very first utility companies you should contact are the local power and water providers as you will find it rather challenging to spend even a single day without these two life-saving services.
  3. Unpack essentials.  Focus your attention on unpacking the absolute essentials to get you through your first days in your new residence. First, take the contents out of your essentials boxes and place them in their rightful places. Secondly, set up the bedroom, including putting back together your disassembled bed, as you will need a good rest soon enough.
  4. Inspect your new home. Another important thing to do right after the move is to go on an exploratory trip around your new house or apartment. This will also help you locate troublesome signs of pre-existing damage, if any. Find the fuse box and identify the individual fuses. Discover the main water valve and any possible water leaks throughout your new home. Don’t forget to check carefully the outside perimeter as well.

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