Tips For Packing Glassware And Dishes For A Move

Check the following tips for packing dishes and glassware. Also, consult residential movers Encino for more info and help.

  • Buy cell boxes for glassware and cardboard boxes for dishes. Pre-made cell boxes are ideal for storing glassware. The cardboard dividers between each glass prevent friction and potential breakage.
  • Use towels, sweaters, or sweatshirts to pad the inside of the boxes. You will need a shock absorbent layer to ensure extra protection to your fragile items. This will minimize the risk pf heaving your items shattered during transit. Pad the interior top, bottom, and sides of the boxes so your items are protected from all angles.
  • Wrap each piece individually with packing paper first, then bubble wrap. Wrapping each piece separately is your best defense against damage. Using one sheet of white packing paper, insert one corner into the open end of the glass to provide cushioning. Fold both sides of the paper up and over the edges. Tuck sides in as you roll each piece. Do this for each glass or dish. Wrap the glass in paper or tissue first, then follow with bubble wrap. Each piece of crystal or very fragile china should be double wrapped.
  • Insert the glasses and stemware into the cell box, and place dishes upright into a separate box. It’s best to store plates upright, not stacked one on top of the other. In the event that the box experiences any kind of force, the edges of the plates will be able to handle a lot more pressure than if they were laid flat.
  • Fill any empty space with rolled up packing paper, clean socks, or air-filled packing pillows. Pack the boxes about three inches from the top, adding a crumpled layer of packing paper or other packing material as the final cushioning layer. When closed, the top flaps of the box should be difficult to push down. That way, anything stacked on top of the boxes doesn’t break your items.

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