What is moving insurance and why do you need it ?

Moving to a new place and a new home sounds like fun. Unfortunately, until we get to the fun part, where we meet new people and exchange gifts with our newly neighbors, we must do the hard part. This involves sorting, packing and transporting all our belongings to the designated place. There are many Encino Movers willing to help you and no matter which one is chosen, you must always have a moving insurance.

301068_311555915527079_81491844_nMoving insurance is a contract between a moving company (or an insurance company) and a client and it helps the owner to recover financial value of the items that got lost or damaged during the move.  Our first thing is that this type of insurance is useless, we know how to carry some boxes and pack items.

These operations seem easy at first, but repeat those several times in a row and you will quickly feel exhausted. And with exhausting the risk of creating an accident increases. Not matter how many safety measures you impose, there is always a tiny chance of getting hurt or damaging items. Even with highly skilled workers, the dangers never disappears, it just gets lower.

As we said before, a moving insurance will cover the expenses for any damaged items. This is extremely important if you transport valuable items or fragile items. No one really likes to break an item that costs several thousands of dollars or even more.

There are many options for this type of insurance. It can protect your cargo against: property damage, floods, fires, burglary, theft, mishandling and so on.  First thing to do is to check where you can find this policy. In most states, moving companies are prohibited to sell this type of insurance. So, the best chance to find it is from the companies that also provide homeowner insurance.

You can always check the company that insures your home. In many cases this insurance covers only a part of your loss, but you can also find full-replacement options.  This policy is important because guarantees that no matter what will happen with your items, you can always have financial support as compensation to your loss.

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by Ciprian Gurgu

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